All trips practice responsible travel ethics. 
We are invested in the regions for the long-term and our success is based on personal and professional relationships with local partners and communities.
A receipt for 5 tonnes of verified CO2 offsets is provided to every participant to keep this trip and all associated air travel carbon neutral.
On trail we balance 'leave no trace' ethics with local customs and traditions.
We employ only local guides and fund one scholarship for aspiring guides with every trip.
We ask ourselves hard questions: why are we bringing more people to Ladakh and the mountains, a sensitive ecosystem already reeling with the impact of tourism on water consumption and waste generation? The answers build on cost-benefit analyses using the best data available, minimizing our footprint and time spent in urban areas, generous carbon offsets, and inspiring our clients, partners, staff and wider audience to love and look after their environment.
Fall in love with our planet

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